About Us


CRAZEBUZZZ Startup stories is India’s fastest trending platform. It is a great combination of technology, art and media which aims to groom entrepreneurship and empowering startups to help them build the next big thing. We at Crazebuzzz try to observe and participate genuinely with entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. We believe that startups must be empowered and encouraged to channel their innovation in the right path to make a positive impact on society. Every business, startup, ecommerce or even social work needs the social platform to showcase and promote their work which can bring them in the limelight. Not only sharing startup stories, but we believe that true help is where Crazebuzzz is able to help everyone to grow their business and can achieve productivity. Our team pleasurably strive to give that platform for startups and other companies to enhance their visibility through their stories, promotions, and even a chance to distribute their vouchers, coupons, event tickets for our readers which can bring them more customers. Crazebuzzz is all about encouraging entrepreneurs and students who want to think, innovate and follow their dreams. The very reason for our existence is to serve as the guiding light for businesses, help them make informed decisions, gain more visibility and build sustainable businesses. We are always on our toes to tell stories that matters, stories with heart, with drive, along with some promotional activities. Our content is always positive, inspiring, celebratory sometimes may be analytical but never discouraging or negative and all these things wouldn’t be possible without our team – they are the heart and soul of Crazebuzzz.